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Saturday fight night

Forget MayPac, – brilliant Brits breathe life into boxing Report

Enjoyed that, didn’t have to stay up until 4am and the fights were great!


Dinner, Food & Drink

The last supper.

Smaller crowd, less betrayal 🙂

English pub, thought it was appropriate for last dinner before I set off. Nice to see the family (some of) & Peter.

That’s one way to pay 😜

Dinner, Food & Drink

The Gatsby

in Berkhampstead. Lovely food, good atmosphere, expensive. Goodbye for now to Rafal & Magdelena (Raffi & Mags). Happy Birthday Mags!

Raffi & Mags

Starter: Chargrilled artichoke & Swiss chard risotto.

Wine: Tempranillo-Syrah, Spanish.

Main:Roast Barbary duck breast, potato fondant, Savoy cabbage, blackberry & anise sauce.

Dessert: Frozen white chocolate & raspberry parfait.