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UK Day

Nice day with Vlad, Nina, Bela and Alec! Thanks for the hospitality and help over the last few days!!   


Weird bunch! 😀  

Vegans might like animals but the still think it’s ok to torture humans! 😜
The gym called The Gym – Watford   

Airport ride breaks down.. 

Whole day

Happy Monday!

Won’t last im sure but the 1st day of any new job is likely to be nerve wracking, exciting and enjoyable as today was for me. Plenty of cold calling to do so need to get over a lingering fear of making calls, don’t think anyone trusts the nervous sales pitch :)!

Tied my own tie! oops supposed to hide that top button.. But it’s a 1st!

🎶’I’m a million different people from one day to the next’🎶

Gym partner and positive wall messages – with Pondie

With the walk to work and back, should be doing a good 3miles plus walking per day 👍😊 past tourist traps, old streets and shops I can’t afford to shop in.